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 A Love Letter (Jinnienn)  Addictive Devotion (Carisma)  Agent 99 (Kelly)  Apartment 27 (Chelsea)  Coffee Girl (Marty)  Edge of Seventeen (Jennifer)  Fanism (Lindy)  Fannish (Angie and Elise)  Glitter Skies (Nathalie)  Heart Dreams (Lily)  ilove (Kelli)  Mystique Charm (Vivian)  Obsessed (Robine)  Road to Nowhere (Melanie)  Room 402 (Rain)  Shadowed Dreams (Megan)  Simple Devotion (Rachel)  Sinister Beauty (Melissa)  Sweet Whispers (Aria)  The Unsub (Unsub)  Totally Girl (Jill)  Winters Eve (Holly)  Written Sins (Iris)